INTELECTThe future is today
Investors: 9353
Invested: $777538
Payments: $252085
ALPHA INTELECT was founded in 2017. It began its activity rapidly, which allowed it to achieve impressive results quickly. More than 2 years of experience in the creation and implementation of developments in the field of artificial intelligence. Our main task is to go ahead of our competitors and offer innovative solutions. Our ideas and solutions are used in medicine, process automation, agriculture, industry, and the banking sector. The most promising areas where new items of artificial intelligence are introduced every day are:
Payment systems
Banking sector
Cryptocurrency trading
Startups etc.
We earn solid money capital and multiply it through sales and the introduction of models, developments and algorithms in the field of artificial intelligence. One of the successful developments of our company is the creation of ready-made trading bots for the cryptocurrency market, providing automated profitable trading with a sufficient degree of protection.

"ALPHA INTELECT is a solid and professional team of specialists in various fields. We create a single, comfortable, adapted space, in the center of which stands the person managing all processes. In our work we see great prospects and work towards the result because:
1. We have at our disposal ever-growing monetary assets;
2. Over the years of work, we have accumulated experience, knowledge, best practices;
3. They created their own promising products and ideas that will develop in the future;
4. We think and act globally.

The field of artificial intelligence will continue to develop due to the expansion of human needs and technological progress. Investing in this area means investing knowledge and money in your own successful future."

Why is the future and the present of humanity behind artificial intelligence?


  • unlimited possibilities for processing any information;
  • reliable storage of large amounts of quantitative data;
  • high decision making speed;
  • an objective and accurate assessment of the situation based on a multifaceted analysis;
  • lack of thresholds for self-improvement.
In 2019, we decided to launch our activities on the international market. This gives us the opportunity to attract new investors. In addition to legal entities, the formation of a separate percentage of the investment portfolio takes place at the expense of investments from individuals. It is to such investors that we offer one of the most reliable and stable forms of capital increase.